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Helix Jump is a fun game of skill where you control how a ball bounces within a twisted net of levels formed within a vertical labyrinth. If you truly wish to put your skills to the test, within minutes you'll see the first levels within this game are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the complexity in some of these mind-boggling puzzles.

Simple gameplay is a given. And, starting out the ball automatically bounces over and over again on the same square until you guide it in one direction or another. In order to drive it left or right, tap on your screen and swipe from side to side. As you bounce down each level in Helix Jump; there are more and more obstacles that appear along your path. For example, when a red floor piece appears, you'll need to avoid bouncing on it -- or face instant game over. That said, you'll also come across exploding pieces and others that make you fall back to a previous level with barely enough time to react.

Level after level of intense bouncing action will progressively up your abilities as you go. But that's not to say the challenge stops there. Even if you manage to complete each level, you'll need to gain extra points by finishing faster, or managing to pull off the even more difficult task of doing so without touching any of the sides of the labyrinth as you go. Regardless, your main, top priority objective is to finish each stage as fast as you can. How fast can you go?
By Erika Okumura
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